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The Growing Signal

Understanding the Growth Paradox - Break Through External Obstacles (2)

It’s the unexpected challenges that build us for the best

Our life is like a stream running in different directions and each has its own predestined destination. Each may come across its own obstacle – a little stone, a rock, or a bush or anything unexpected on the path. You either go through it or move it off your way or stop where it is and stay with them.

You are on the journey to Grow to Your Fullest, Step 3, the series of Breaking through External Obstacles. Today let’s talk about The Growing Signal, understanding the growth Paradox.

The universe runs on paradox. That one exists depends on the other: they counteract each other but also support each other to make their being possible. It’s a universal law in life that in losing we are gaining. Downhill is sometimes the easiest path while a setback is the signal that you are climbing uphill. The law sometimes is too obvious to be noticed; sometimes it’s too elusive to find. But it controls our actions and penetrates the moments in our lives. It’s critical for us to be aware of it and follow it to grow to our fullest in life.

Have you realized that an environment in which a seed grows is also the very environment that resists it to grow? First it provides what a seed needs to thrive: the right temperature, nutrition, minerals, and humidity. However, when the life within a seed breaks out its first tender sprout, it needs space within the soil. When it grows bigger it needs more space to fit its body, so it has to move the soil around. Usually, the harder the soil is the more strength it takes to push the wall. The competition starts at the exact time a seed begins to germinate.

In the same way, the environment where we grow is also the environment that tries to stop us growing. If you run on a windy day, you can feel the wind that opposes you. The faster you run, the stronger you feel the wind against you. In physics, it is called relative movement. In life, there are so many people okay with being mediocre. They do not want to grow for all kinds of reasons or they only want to grow themselves and when they see you grow, they try to do something to oppose you. When you surpass them and begin making a difference in the world, it makes them feel bad about themselves. Those people will try to figure out ways to stop you. They may badmouth you behind your back; they may reject you and criticize you or find faults in you or even isolate you. Whenever you experience such an opposing force, know that this is a good sign that you are growing. You are not following the crowd. You are rising above average at the very least, and you are becoming more and more exceptional.

You can’t feel any forces around if you do not make any movement. The law is that the faster you grow and the higher you climb, the stronger the forces are against you. Growing takes risk. But do not be scared nor stop growing because all the forces against us are usually also the forces that build us up and make us grow stronger. Grow no matter how strong the forces against you may be.

John DeJoria, a philanthropist and successful businessman, has shared his success secrets: “You have to be prepared for rejection. People say, ‘I do not want to talk to you. You do not look right.’ Whatever it might be, be prepared for rejection. As long as you are prepared, you’ll be just as enthusiastic the next time.” In his career, he got fired three times not because of his poor performance, but actually the opposite.

I had similar experience in my career. I was laid off in the process of filing two patent applications as my achievement made me an enemy to some people. God knew my character, my work and heart. With His help, the adversity turned out to be a blessing to me in disguise.

Anything that is beneficial can also be harmful. In one way, you rely on sunshine to grow. However, the summer sun can burn a plant to death. In facing the obstacles, will you stop growing? Definitely not! God has put something exquisite within you. You are born to bud, blossom, and bear fruit. Do not surrender to those forces. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Don’t let the barriers along the way stop you. Break through them or find a new path. Don’t forget your predestined destination in life, where you will have your full blossom.

In the next post, I will discuss about how to build a winning foundation with three pillars to grow to your fullest.

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May you grow to your fullest!

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