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Four Steps to Grow to Your Fullest

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The biggest tragedy in America is not the great waste of natural resources but the waste of human resources because the average person goes to his grave with his music still in him - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Four Steps to Grow to Your Fullest

We finished the three series of what is a fullest life. Today I am starting to share with you the series about how to grow to your fullest.

>> If you missed the three series, here is the link, what is a fullest life

One of the best writers in 19th century, Oliver Wendell Holmes, has said, “The biggest tragedy in America is not the great waste of natural resources but the waste of human resources because the average person goes to his grave with his music still in him.”

My dear friends, do you want to go to grave with your best music still in you? I bet you don’t. We, human beings are valuable seeds planted by an infinite intelligence, God. Within us there are unlimited potentials. We are responsible to live out our full potentials and achieve life’s maximum and our fullest.

I understand how hard it is to live out our best. In life, sometimes, you feel confused about where or who you should be in life? sometimes, you wish you could have a crystal clear picture of your desired destination living a life full of passion and joy; and you dreamed of flying like a bird in the big blue sky only to fail miserably and end up in a dark corner instead; sometimes you are frustrated about being stuck in a career or relationship or you have been knocked down repeatedly by life so you lose your confidence to dream more and nobler. I understand your feelings well as I had experienced all the above. That’s the reason I wrote the book, Grow to Your Fullest In the book, I outlined a four-step roadmap to help you on your journey to reach excellence and grow to your fullest.

Step 1: Find Your Signature Vision

Most people are caught up in life because of lacking a vision. To succeed, we should start the end in mind. The end is your vision or destination in life or the picture of your best in life, without it, life is aimless. Once you get the vision, not only do you find your purpose but also you experience the meaning of your journey because the purpose tells why you pursue that picture. Without vision, you are like a blind walking and circling around where you are and reach nowhere; without purpose, you lack passion.

In order to achieve your fullest, you have to find your passion that is encoded in your DNA that defines your unique talent because you are a perfect seed planted by God. Once you find the passion and your unique talent, you find your vision. Step 1 is to find your signature vision.

The vision is not from you instead it’s from God. You have to find it by earnestly calling for Him and constantly sending twitters to Him. Believe, seek, you will find it as the Lord said, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

Once you find life’s vision, you will start a journey to fulfill it. However on the journey, typically you face two types of obstacles, internal and external ones, you have to overcome both to reach your greatest.

Step 2 Conquer Internal Barriers - Yourself

The internal ones are yourself, inside you. They are self-egos and I-glasses and selfishness, conceit, cynicism, jealousy, procrastination. Step 2 is to conquer yourself. It’s like a seed with a hard shell where a life sleeps in it. The seed has to break out its shell first before the new life sprouts out. To live out your best, you have to be broken first just like a baby bird has to break out its egg’s shell to get out and grow and fly.

The process of self-brokenness is not pleasant at all instead it’s full of pains and risks. It requires courage, determination and perseverance. However it’s a process of indispensable. Without it, you will always remain as a seed until it gets rotten.

Step 3: Break through External Obstacles

Once you succeed in breaking your shell, you come out to a world, full of sunshine and storms, green pasture and desert, opportunities and problems. Step 3 is to overcome the obstacles from the outside world, all kinds of roadblocks on the way: rejections, persecutions, cynicism, jealousy, criticism and distractions, etc.

Once upon a time, a donkey fell into a deep well; the owner could not pull it out no matter how hard he tried. Sadly he decided to bury it alive. He shoveled dirt into the well and it fell on the back of donkey, immediately the donkey shaken off the dirt and stepped on it and stepped up. The more dirt the man poured in, the higher the donkey rose. Finally it went out of the well into a green pasture.

Like the donkey, you have to turn all the problems into step stones to reach the top of your success mountain. You have to conquer all the roadblocks before you are able to bud, bloom and bear fruits.

Step 4: Bloom to Your Fullest

Finally, step 4 is to multiply your success. Yes you have to go extra mile to go beyond your personal maximum and guide others to reach their best. Be a leader and share your wits of nuggets and train others. In doing so, you plant new seeds. Dr. Robert Schuler said you can count the number of seeds in an apple but you cannot count the number of apples in a seed? You never know how many people you can influence and how many fruits you bear through others.

My friends, where are you now? Have you found your vision? Are you ready to go through a process of self-brokenness? Have you developed strategies and plans to overcome the obstacles from the world? If you answer any of the questions no, you can read the book, Grow to Your Fullest, it provides you with a concrete roadmap to live to your fullest and subscribe Grow to Your Fullest.

Except for the Four Steps to Grow to Your Fullest, the book introduces the four steps to:

1 Help you to find your signature vision that is uniquely designed according to your personality so that you can live your own version of life.

2 Show you how to break through your personal barriers, such as fear or procrastination.

3 Empower you to tackle through all obstacles from the world like rejection, cynicism, jealousy, distraction.

4 Guide you beyond your own success and multiply your influence to live a life of legacy.

Grow to Your Fullest guides you to develop a winning foundation for your success with three core pillars and teaches you six specific ways to build unstoppable momentum on your journey so that you can progress consistently.

Grow to Your Fullest shares soul-provoking stories with you from people who have lived out their fullest lives. You, too, can learn to thrive in your own life!

My friends, I desire, not wish, you have your best music played in the world before you head for heaven. Remember you were born to have full blossoms in life and bear the fruit.

Next I will start to share with you the series about how to find your vision.

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May you grow to your fullest

May you grow to your fullest!

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