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The Path to Find Your Signature Vision

Updated: May 3

Call to Action – How to Find Your Signature (5)

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision - Helen Keller

The Path to Find Your Signature Vision

A little boy, Josh, lived in a poor village with his father who was a house builder. And Josh dreamed of having his own company to build nice houses and master pieces.

One day, his school teacher asked the students to draw their dreams to show others what they want to be after growing up. Josh drew a mansion and a fancy museum with his great effort and heart. And he got very excited when he went to show it to the teacher and expected he got an A. However he got a F, FAIL and it disappointed him deeply and the teacher asked him to resubmit the assignment.

Josh went back home and thought about it very long and worked on the drawing harder, made it better then he resubmitted the paper. The teacher failed him again. Other students who were scared to fail again changed their drawings for resubmission, but Josh stuck with it and he stated, “Ma’am you can keep F, let me keep my dream.”

Twenty years later, the teacher took students to a museum, where she met Josh. He told his teacher that he built the museum. The teacher said, “Look, I tell you this now. When I was your teacher, I was a dream stealer. I stole a lot of kids’ dreams. Fortunately you had enough courage to not give up on yours.”

In chasing your dreams, be aware that someone may steal your dreams and blur your big vision. Especially in such a world that so many seemingly shining objects try to grab your attention and you are targeted by many ways in seven weeks and twenty four hours. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

You are on the journey to Find Your Signature Vision. So far I introduced four steps to find your signature vision in four posts. Today let’s put everything together and review the big picture and the path, the four steps and see how they are connected together (see the chart above)

God planted a seed, you, with a divine purpose that tells why you are here in the world. To fulfill the purpose, God has a specific and sole vision for your life and it tells what you should become or be like. God creates apple trees with a purpose to bear apples and uses them to feed people He loves. To make it happen, first God has the vision about what apples should look like, their size, color, taste and specific nutrition they have so people eat them and get nourished. Second, God puts a unique DNA in an apple seed. Similarly God chooses the right parents for you so you are born with the right unique personality and passion that help you fulfill the specific purpose, your purpose for living. Your unique talent and strength are rooted in your personality and passion and they help you become what God aims you to become.

The first post, Start with the End in Mind, Why should you need a vision tells you how important to have a vision in life so you can follow your nature’s flow, become a person God envisioned instead what others want you to be. That means you have to align your life purpose with your divine purpose, your vision with God’s vision, so you can live your life with excitement. And you can partner with a mighty God, your creator, to draw energy, wisdom and gain full support from Him.

How do you find your vision?

Second, Respond to the Divine Call, Listen to his whispers for a full blossom (post 3) Not only does God plant a seed with a full potential to blossom, but also He calls you constantly to live out your purpose and fullest. God calls you through four different ways:

1) God calls you through His words so you have to read His words every day. Through his words, God reveals His calling to you.

2) God whispers to you through his creation, nature. God use nature’s richness to reveal his presence and you can hear God’s calling from nature’s inspiration.

3) God speaks to you through people around you, giving you guidance, suggestions, and feedbacks

4) God talks to you through your experience - good or bad, success or failure.

5) God twitters to you through all kinds of global events

Third, you have to proactively seek your calling from God. Seeking a daring vision tells you that you should take your one hundred percent ownership and ask God to help you:

1) Know Him and believe in Him: This helps you shorten your path of searching and finding your purpose for living and God ordained calling. God is the initiator and origin of your dreams and visions.

2) Know yourself: This helps you find your ‘Why’, the purpose of your life. You start with the inside of yourself, your unique personality and passion or things that energize and excite you most.

3) Know your end—your vision: This helps you find your ‘What’, your vision in life. You start with your unique talent and strength. Things you do the best and no one can compete with you. As the talents and strength come from your nature’s gift, your genius. And your genius and strength is not for yourself only but also is used to benefit to others as God loves you and others too.

Grow to Your Fullest Venn Diagram

Grow to your fullest is to live out who you are and use what you own to serve God and others as the left Venn diagram showed.

When you know who you are and own your strength but you do not use your best talent to serve the world instead for your own benefit, you live a self-centered life; when you live with excitement and passion, but you do not use you best talent to serve the world, you waste your genius so you do not live out your full potentials and reach excellence; when you serve others with your strong strength and the best talent but forget your true identity, you disconnect with God then you serve the world with wrong intention. You pursue your own success or focus on your own glory or others'. That eventually leads you to the wrong path, utterly fail your calling.

Any of the two combinations or only one of them cannot make you find your true purpose and the highest calling in life; neither can you find your signature vision. Only when you make the three works together and your searching is centered on God and guided by Him then you can find your unique purpose and vision, so will you be able to grow to your fullest.

As Josh’s story told in the beginning, your dreams can be easily stolen by others or your vision can be blurred by the busyness in life. You have to be aware of this and constantly count on God’s help and guidance. Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Josh was luck enough having found his vision. However, many people have never found their vision. They rashly enter life and blindly follow others and ignore their unique talent, they compete with others in wrong way and feel frustrated or angered. If you find your own unique talent, you follow your nature’s flow, you do not need to compete instead you can naturally shine and be the first. Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Now we finish the four steps. Hope you take actions to find your signature vision and share your vision with others. For the purpose, I created a Face book group, Grow to Your Fullest Circle, where you can share your signature vision, ask questions and have mutual supports with others. Please click the link, request to join the group. I will see there.

May you find your signature vision and grow to your fullest!

May you find your signature vision and grow to your fullest!

If you want to have a group of people to support so you can share your roadmap, goals, celebrate your wins together, please join Grow to Your Fullest Circle

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