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You are a seed planted by God, where sleeping within it is a giant, your greatness and fullest in life. However, you usually do not know until you earnestly make a calling to Him and constantly send twitters to Him. He will answer you at his time and reveal the secret of your life. Once you get the secret, you gain a vision, his calling; once you get the vision, life is not aimless any more, it becomes exciting and adventuring. In order to fulfill the calling, you have to commit it to Him, the initiator and finish the journey victoriously. At Grow to Your Fullest, our vision is to grow to your Fullest in life, that is in align with God's big vision, I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10).


Our mission is to create a personalized holly recipe for people’s success with God’s inspired rainbow plan.


We help you find out your purpose and calling in life and live out your full potentials by providing you with methods to overcome obstacles and achieve your greatness and fulfill your life’s mission so we together contribute to the betterment of world and strive to life’s excellence and fullest.


And at Grow to Your Fullest, We believes every life is made by God and has his unique gift from God so we value love, authenticity, difference, repentance of sin, and individual greatness.