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AI and Data Science Leadership Accelerator

from Quick Wins to Lasting Gains within: 90 Days Transformation blueprint

The program includes five modules as the picture showed below and each module has a good mix of technology and leadership lessons. It helps you in delivering some quick wins in 90 days or less so you can wow your boss or get recognized or promoted quickly; meanwhile, building long term strategy and momentums for everlasting wins and enjoy two times more in your career and life.

Currently the program runs in the pilot phase so it's provided virtually only at real time with the instructor interactively. The specifical offer will be end after pilot and the class size is limited.


Do not loss the one time opportunity, fill out the form below and enroll now

Data Science & AI Leadership Program Bird's Eye View - Download.png

AI & Data Science Leadership Accelerator

 With 50% discount for pilot run, the total value is $1997

Thank you for enrolling the class

The program is designed specifically

o   Aspiring Data and AI Leaders who want to move to leadership roles but do not how.

o   New Leaders who are struggling to deliver business value by using AI and Data science

o   Data Leaders who struggled to deliver business value or failed with Ai and Data Science

o   Leaders without enough AI and Data Science background seek to enhance business outcomes through AI & Data Science but do not know how.

o   Consultants who want to help companies developing a winning foundation and build everlasting wins

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