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Grow to Your Fullest

Four steps to Rise above the crowd, bloom and bear fruit


Are you frustrated about being stuck in a career or relationship? Have you dreamed of flying like a bird in the big blue sky only to flap away and fail miserably?

Are you confused about where or who you should be in life? Have you been knocked down repeatedly and you lose your confidence to dream and dream big?

Do you wish you could have a crystal clear picture of your desired destination, living a life full of passion and joy?

In this illuminating and inspiring book filled with vivid metaphor and practical guidance, Ling Zhang offers you profound wisdom drawn from her own struggles in life by showing you a roadmap to grow to your fullest no matter where you are in life or what walk of life you come from.

In Grow to Your Fullest, you will find that:

  •  You were born to have full blossoms in life and bear the fruit.

  •  You have unlimited potential being that you are a perfect seed planted by God.

The book introduces four steps to:

  •  Help you to find your signature vision that is uniquely designed according to your personality so that you can live your own version of life.

  •  Show you how to break through your personal barriers, such as fear or procrastination.

  •  Empower you to tackle through all obstacles from the world like rejection, cynicism, jealousy, distraction.

  •  Guide you to multiply your influence to live a life of legacy.


Grow to Your Fullest guides you to develop a winning foundation for your success with three core pillars.

Grow to Your Fullest teaches you six specific ways to build unstoppable momentum on your journey so that you can progress consistently. 

Grow to Your Fullest shares soul-provoking stories with you from people who have lived out their fullest lives. You, too, can learn to thrive in your own life. Don’t wait! Don’t wait! Read this book and grow to your fullest.


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