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Plant Seeds of Success

Cultivating Growth and Inspiring Greatness - Bloom to Your Fullest (3)

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have - Zig Ziglar

Plant Seeds of Success
Plant Seeds of Success

Charlie Paddock, the Olympic champion of 1920, once addressed young people at East Tech High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Paddock left them with this invaluable advice: “If you think you can, you can! If you believe something strongly, it will come to pass in your life.” He then raised his hand and added, "Who knows? Perhaps there's an Olympic champion sitting in this very auditorium this afternoon."

You are currently on Step 4 of the Grow to Your Fullest journey, a part of the Bloom to Your Fullest series. (Fig 1: 4 Steps to Grow to Your Fullest) In our previous post, Multiply Your Success by Bearing Fruits – Your Life Stories and Wisdom, we discussed the importance of sharing your stories of success and failure to inspire others. Today, let's delve into the concept of planting seeds of success in people's lives.

4 Steps to Grow to Your Fullest
Fig 1 - 4 Steps to Grow to Your Fullest

Sharing your success stories and personal experiences is one effective way to extend your fullness. To make a profound impact on individuals, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and actively develop those around you. By fostering accountability and displaying genuine care, you can sow the seeds of success with your own hands. It is one of the most impactful ways to contribute to the world. Many champion athletes extend their legacy by becoming life coaches after retiring from sports, nurturing the champions of tomorrow.

After Mr. Paddock’s talk at East Tech High School, a young lanky boy named Jesse Owens approached him and said, “Gee, Mr. Paddock, I’d give anything if I could to become an Olympic champion just like you.”

From that moment onward, the determined young boy discovered his crystal-clear purpose and fearlessly pursued his singular goal with unwavering dedication. In 1936, he traveled to Berlin, Germany, where he won four gold medals: the 100-meter race, the long jump, the 200-meter race, and the 400-meter relay race. Along the way, He also broke two Olympic records.

Upon Jesse's triumphant return to Cleveland, he was greeted by an excited and cheering crowd and driven through the streets, with people eagerly seeking his autograph. Amidst the excitement, a skinny little boy pressed himself against the car and said, “Gee, Mr. Owens, I’d give anything to be an Olympic champion just like you.” Jesse reached out to this little fellow who was nicknamed “Bones” and said, “You know, that’s what I wanted when I was about your age. If you work hard and train hard, and if you will believe, then you can become an Olympic champion.”

Inspired by Jesse's words, the little boy sprinted all the way home and shared with his grandmother, "I'm going to become an Olympic champion." In 1948, at Wembley Stadium in London, six young men anxiously waited for the starting gun. The runner in the outside lane burst out ahead aiming to hit the tape and won the race. His name was Harrison “Bones” Dillard. He tied with Jesse Owens’ Olympic record that day and went on to break many more records.

This story serves as a reminder that your success extends far beyond your own achievements; it influences and motivates others. The blooming of your life can inspire the blooming of countless others. It's all about multiplying and amplifying your impact, enhancing its effect a thousand fold.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25)

No matter what unique purpose God has set for you, one thing is certain: God wants you to become a beacon of motivation, inspiration, and leadership, guiding others toward fulfilling their own life purposes. Your journey doesn't end once you have blossomed; it continues through the lives of those who follow. It's a continuous cycle that transcends generations, passing on wisdom and empowerment. By mentoring, inspiring, and motivating others, you actively contribute to this cycle of growth.

If you have reached the peak of your own success, it's now your time to sow the seeds of success in the lives of others and multiply your impact. In the next post, I will delve into the topic of building unstoppable momentum, utilizing six gears that will enable you to keep growing, reaching new heights, and ultimately realizing your fullest potential beyond what you can currently imagine.

May you grow to your fullest!

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