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The Rebirth of Hope: Overcoming Fear and Doubt

A Message Heard on Easter Saturday in Waiting for the Lord's Resurrection

I know the one in whom I trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return -2 Timothy 1:12 NLT

Heavenly Father, dear Lord Jesus, I come to you in the light that you created, to receive your revelation and hear your voice.

Today is Saturday. Though it is cold outside, inside a bright and warm room filled with sunshine, it makes me feel cozy. In your light, my thoughts traveled back about two thousand years ago. I imagined the feelings of your disciples at that time today: fear, terror, sorrow, pain, and despair... Some of them may have doubted, regretted, and felt lost.

The Rebirth of Hope: Overcoming Fear and Doubt
The Rebirth of Hope: Overcoming Fear and Doubt

Indeed, you, who performed so many miracles, including giving sight to the blind, making the deaf hear, enabling the mute to speak, and even raising the dead, and you fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fishes, and so on. Why did you allow yourself to be cruelly nailed to the cross like a powerless lamb? Instead of resisting, you prayed for those who persecuted you. No wonder your silence and meekness were ridiculed by people. However, dear Lord Jesus, you did not give up because you knew that you came to fulfill your mission in pain and abandonment. Therefore, you said, "It is finished" in the end.

The disciples did not understand, nor did the world. On such a Saturday, they suffered from hopeless grief. Perhaps their love for you was also dying because they had experienced many worldly benefits while following you while you were in good times. But now, you were in the tomb. What benefits were there to talk about? To them, everything seemed to be over.

However, on the third day, when Mary went to see your tomb and found it empty, then everything became clear. You appeared to your disciples several times and talked with them. Their hope and love for you were revived from death.

Praise the Lord. This was not just a simple resurrection from death, but a rebirth of hope and love. The disciples no longer hoped and loved you because of worldly benefits but because of their identity in the kingdom of heaven, which no persecution in the world could take away. Therefore, they received the crown of life on earth.

Praise the Lord.

Dear friends, are you also facing the same situation as the disciples did back then, sudden misfortune, illness, abandonment or misunderstood by loved ones or friends, work pressure, or loss of something you consider precious or rely on, such as finance, work, or family members, etc.? You may feel hopeless, afraid, in pain, or doubt, just like the disciples did.

If this is the case, please lift up your head, for you need to understand that everything is under God's control. Even the seemingly unfortunate events have God's good intentions behind them. Just as the disciples had to experience all of this to be reborn, God also wants you to experience His resurrection through this event, not only in this life but also in His eternal kingdom.

Therefore, in all your troubles, lift up your head and remember that God knows you, He will enter into every detail of your life and help you. Look up to the Lord Jesus, your shield, your glory, and you will be able to experience His promised victory.

May you grow to your fullest!

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