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Leadership – Multiply Your Success

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Six Gears to Build Unstoppable Momentum - Bloom to Your Fullest (4-6)

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers - Ralph Nader

One day, a successful young economist, Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, noticed the cycle of poverty and its devastating effects on the local population. With his passion to improving the lives of the poor, he got a vision of microfinance and started Grameen Bank with only $27. By providing small loans without collateral, Yunus ensured that even the most marginalized individuals could access financial services.

Leadership – Multiply Your Success
Leadership – Multiply Your Success

Welcome to Step 4 of the Grow to Your Fullest journey(Figure below), part of the Bloom to Your Fullest series. In our previous post, Faith – The Driving Force to Defy Adversity and Create Impact, we explored the fifth power (aka Gears) — Faith that helps us progress with courage and power. Today let’s delve into the sixth gear: leadership — bringing others to join you and achieve bigger and everlasting impacts.

Six Gears to Build Unstoppable Momentum
Six Gears to Build Unstoppable Momentum

Leadership: Fisher of Men

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19)

To achieve anything big, you cannot rely on yourself alone. You have to know how to bring others into your journey to be part of your cause. You have to lead others: help people understand your vision, inspire and motivate them to join you, unite them as a team, and build a trusting relationship. A leader is a magnet with characters: optimistic, gentle at heart but with a strong will, thoughtful, and caring.

David from the Bible was this type of person. His close friend Jonathan gave his life to help David escape Saul’s attack.

Jim Rohn said, “Success is not something you pursue. It is something you attract by the person you become. Before you achieve what you want, you must become that kind of person.” He also said, “What you pursue will elude you. Your level of influence reflects your inner quality, character and virtue. The influence can multiply your result from actions.”

To grow to your fullest, you have to lead yourself first in finding your vision and making the right decisions.

The two biggest barriers to good decision making are your ego and your blind spots - Ray Dalio

As you battle the problems of the world, you have to inspire people and lead them and get their support. To expand your success, you have to lead or coach others to grow to their fullest.

Two major steps are involved in growing to our fullest: the first is to realize oneself; the second is to go beyond oneself. Only after we realize ourselves can we help others realize themselves. When flying in an airplane, you are always asked to put the oxygen mask on your face first before you help others.

Self-realization is not the end; you have to go beyond yourself to live to your fullest.

Let’s continue with Yunus’ story.

When the loans were repaid, the funds were recycled, allowing more people to benefit from microcredit. This unique model sparked a revolution in poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship, inspiring the creation of similar microfinance institutions worldwide.

Later his vision extended beyond just providing loans when he recognized that education, healthcare, and social support was crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty. Grameen Bank expanded its services to include loans for education, healthcare, and technology initiatives, further empowering the borrowers. And the bank became a lifeline for millions of impoverished individuals, enabling them to start small businesses, improve their living conditions, and provide for their families. Communities flourished as entrepreneurship thrived, leading to a reduction in poverty rates and improved social well-being.

Yunus' transformative contribution to poverty alleviation earned him international recognition. In 2006, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Yunus revolutionized the banking industry and brought millions out of poverty, demonstrating the remarkable impact a single individual can make when driven by going beyond oneself and leading others.

On our journey to our fullest, we should take leadership and go beyond ourselves, and constantly use the six gears iteratively at each stage to achieve the best results.

The six gears form an unstoppable momentum like a flying wheel that runs forever. It propels us to reach our fullest. It helps us live in the truest image of God to glorify and honor Him and benefit others. We light up the world with the harmony of truth, love, and beauty—shining brighter and brighter and lasting forever.

Now we finished the series of the six gears to build unstoppable momentum. Hope you have learned the techniques and put them into action and grow to your fullest. Stay tuned for our next inspiring post.

May you grow to your fullest!

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