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Grow to Your Fullest - Stand Firm in Your Failures

So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings[a] we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter - 2 Thessalonians 2:15

Time is flying. It turned out to be August. Over half of 2021 has gone. Last Sunday, our pastor delivered a message, Stand firm in trials. It reminds me of the lilies I planted.

This year is the fifth year, but it is the first time for me to see such a beautiful blossom. Every year, before blooming, the Lily is swept away by the animals at night. This year, when I saw many flower buds, I began to carefully protect it from being trampled on by animals. But still, one day, I found most of the buds were eaten by animals over night, leaving only four buds. Finally they bloomed their inner glory to their fullest. See picture left.

From this we can learn that even though we have failed many times in the way of following God or chasing our noble dreams, as long as we don’t give up and don’t leave God, just as this lily, always root in the soil, one day we will be in our full blossom. Shine beautifully as the flowers.

I have stopped blogging for a while when I have been busy to rewrite the book and been stopped by other life priorities. In May, the book, Grow to Your Fullest has been republished. Now I will get back on track on my blogging and start writing series of blog posts. In the blog posts, I will share with you holly and practical recipes of growing to your fullest lives. Let’s continue or start our journey to reach our fullest in life called by God.

Nowadays, with advanced technologies and many easier communication tools, we can reach far and more but we are becoming less and less satisfied. We are so overwhelmed. Many times we get confused about where we should go and who we should become in life?

You want to have a crystal clear picture of your desired destination? But you get stuck in somewhere, a career or relationship and you are frustrated. You dreamed of flying like a bird in the big blue sky only to fail miserably? Or you have been knocked down repeatedly by life so you lose your confidence to dream more and noble?

You know, you are not alone. All the above I have gone through. I understand your struggles and feelings. But I survived and found the recipes to overcome all the above struggles. My mission is to help you to live to your fullest life with 4 steps.

1. Help you to find your signature vision that is uniquely designed according to your personality so that you can live your own version of life.

2. Show you how to break through your personal barriers, such as fear or procrastination.

3. Empower you to tackle through all obstacles from the world like rejection, cynicism, jealousy, distraction.

4. Guide you go beyond your own success and multiply your influence to live a life of legacy.

I will share enlightening and inspiring stories of peoples in the book or from our daily life. My first series is about what is a fullest life?

May you grow to your fullest!


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