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Are You Running a Race to a Dead End like a Fly

Escaping the Invisible Race: Insights from a Trapped Fly

To live a fulfilled life is to begin something within yourself rather than constantly chasing external pursuits in the world

Life is often portrayed as a relentless race, where success, fame, and wealth are the prizes, and we are all participants trying to outrun one another. We are conditioned to believe that in the grand pursuit of our dreams, we must run as fast as we can, always striving to be the first. However, in the end, we often discover that there's always someone ahead, richer, more famous, and more widely recognized… you got disappointed and exhausted.

But have you ever stopped to consider whether the race is worth running in the first place, or wondered what the point of entering the race truly is?

Escaping the Invisible Race: Insights from a Trapped Fly
Escaping the Invisible Race: Insights from a Trapped Fly

The Fly's Struggle

It was on a seemingly ordinary day, as I sat in my house, that I had an unexpected encounter with a tiny creature that made me ponder the very nature of these races we find ourselves in.

A fly, small and seemingly insignificant, had somehow found its way into my home. It might have entered the house by accident or in a hurry, hoping to find its desired food. After entering, it immediately realized that the place was not what it had hoped for, and it became trapped.

The fly repeatedly threw itself at the windows, desperately trying to break free from the invisible barrier, as if it believed that the world beyond the glass was where it truly belonged. But as time passed, I saw the fly's energy wane, and it eventually ceased its relentless pursuit of freedom. It became still, lifeless, forever trapped within the walls of my house.

Just like the fly, we, too, often find ourselves trapped in the confines of our ambitions, and we sometimes lose sight of what truly matters.

The Parallels in Our Lives

The fly's plight reminded me of the many people I've encountered in life who have rushed headlong into situations without much thought. Just like the fly, they often enter careers, relationships, or pursuits in a hurry, driven by a hope that what lies ahead is their ideal destination. However, once they find themselves within those walls, they come to the stark realization that they are trapped in a place that doesn't align with their true desires.

How often have we rushed into situations only to discover that they are not what we expected? We dive into careers that don't fulfill us, commit to relationships that feel like prisons, and chase external markers of success, such as wealth, reputation, and power, only to realize that these pursuits have led us further away from our hearts' deepest desires—satisfaction, gratitude, peace, and joy.

Reevaluating Our Races

What, then, is the root of the problem? The starting point is wrong; the direction is wrong; the destination is a dead end. It's as if we're pursuing a path that is fundamentally flawed from the outset, much like the fly's futile attempts to escape through the window.

To find a life of fulfillment, we must shift our perspective from an external, race-oriented approach to an inside-out one. Our journey should begin with self-discovery, looking within to find our unique calling in this one life. What is it that we can do that no one else can? What is our mission in life?

This introspection can lead to profound revelations. By listening to our hearts and understanding our deepest aspirations, we can uncover a path that aligns with our true selves. Rather than racing against others, we find ourselves in a race towards self-fulfillment, self-awareness, and a crown last forever.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. (1 Corinthians 9:24-25)

The fly's tragic story reminds us that life's races, which often lead to disappointment and exhaustion, can be averted by seeking fulfillment from within. It is not about being the first, the richest, or the most famous, but about being true to oneself.

So, I leave you with a question: In the world, are you merely feeling like you're in a race, or are you actively discovering your own unique purpose and fulfilling it with full strength? The choice is yours, and the destination is waiting for you to discover it—inside yourself.

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May you grow to your fullest!

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