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The moment connect to the eternality

Have you ever heard that people talk about the importance of life? Some people say grabing and focusing on the moment or today is more important than yesterday and tomorrow. And they quoted, yesterday is already gone, tomorrow is not coming yet but only today, the moment or the present is a present from God, so grab it! Some people say tomorrow is more important because it's not coming yet and the moment is transient, yesterday is always gone and you cannot bring it back anyway.

The above argument is absolutely both true. However the truth is that the three are all connected seamlessly. If there is no yesterday, there is no this moment, tomorrow will not come until the moment elapses. God made this and also the other. They are connected and form the eternality. Eternality means there is yesterday, today and tomorrow and it goes on forever. The Lord has acclaimed "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." (Rev 22:13) Here the Alpha and the Beginning means yesterday and the Omega and the End means tomorrow. The God acclaims HE is the God yesterday, today and tomorrow. With God, Life is a continuous unending stream and it's the eternality. As God's children, the death is only a process of an eternal life or a temporary point in His eternality. When we live a life with moments of connection to God, we are in His eternality. In his eternality, we lived in yesterday, are living in the moment and will live in tomorrow. In his enternality, we live with meaning and purpose no matter when and where we are and they are connected. Each day is a page of our life, there is yesterday, today and tommorrow. They are equally important.

On March 31, 2015, my husband has to go back to china to see his mother because she is in very sick in her old age. It's hard for our three persons family, my husband, me and my daughter. But it's very important for him to see his mom too. Before he left, he bought a bunch of roses for me because my birthday is on next week and he wanted to celebrate my birthday in advance so he bought the flowers. Before his departure, there were a lot of going on in our family and it literally drove us crazy. So many errands to run though... He bought the flower on the day before he left but I have no opportunity to enjoy the flowers and even totally ignored it. Even on the day I drove him to airport, we talked about things to do and even had little quarrels about how to do things. After he has gone and I came home. When I entered into our house, the roses in the vase on our coffee table, glamour and beautiful blooming, captured my eyes tightly. All of a sudden, I realized I even did not say a thank-you to him. I could not help cried... grateful but also regretting. This is the moment of my life in real. My husband bought the roses yesterday, I am enjoying them in this moments and I will remember his love in tomorrow and forever.

This moment is not alone, it connects to yesterday and tomorrow. Donot ignore any of them because they are all part of the eternality in the Lord.

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