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The Power of One: Redefining Success through Unified Leadership

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Charting a Path to Organizational Success, Inspired by Unified Leadership

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success - Henry Ford

The 1992 US Men's Olympic basketball team, famously known as the "Dream Team," provides a compelling analogy for the advantages and challenges of operating as "one firm." Initially, the Dream Team, comprised of basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, struggled to function as a cohesive unit. Their lack of synergy led to losses against college players. It was only when they realized the importance of working together as a team that they achieved success, ultimately clinching the gold medal. This experience serves as a valuable lesson for organizations seeking to harness the benefits of collaboration.

To work together effectively as one firm, it all begins with a shared vision. Only when the team collectively envisions the same future can they align their efforts in a unified direction.

To work together effectively as one firm, it all begins with a shared vision. Only when the team collectively envisions the same future can they align their efforts in a unified direction.
The Power of One: Redefining Success through Unified Leadership

The concept of operating as one firm is a topic that has intrigued leaders for decades. Achieving this unity can be elusive, as different approaches often come with their own set of challenges. Some leaders attempt to enforce top-down integration and standardization, which can stifle innovation, entrepreneurship, and client responsiveness. On the other hand, emphasizing local autonomy may lead to inefficiencies, competing priorities, and inconsistent client service. Striking the right balance is essential for organizations to remain competitive while avoiding overreliance on individual rainmakers.

Many global firms have attempted to implement a matrixed organization structure to capture economies of scale, scope, and skill while maintaining strong accountability and ownership. However, matrix structures often introduce new problems, such as unclear decision rights, slow decision-making processes, and siloed behaviors. These issues can hinder the organization's overall efficiency.

To truly understand what it means to operate as one firm, let's delve into the characteristics of such organizations. Historically, leading professional services firms like Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Latham & Watkins are considered prime examples of one-firm firms. These organizations place a significant emphasis on firmwide coordination of decision-making, cooperative teamwork, and institutional commitment. They use consistent language and have a shared way of doing things, maintaining a single brand identity.

While these professional services firms are built on the foundation of one-firm culture, it is possible for other organizations to transition to a similar model. Successful turnarounds, such as Lou Gerstner's transformation of IBM, Alan Mulally's "One Ford" plan, and Satya Nadella's approach at Microsoft, demonstrate that the shift to a one-firm culture is achievable.

The value of operating as one firm with unified leadership is evident through research that shows such organizations are 2.3 times more likely to be among the top-performing firms. To capture this value, leaders must take various actions:

1. Create a One-Firm Understanding and Conviction:

- Develop a compelling one-firm strategic direction.

- Redefine the organization's social contract to focus on collective optimization.

2. Reinforce the One-Firm Mindset with Formal Mechanisms:

- Establish a purposefully interdependent organization structure.

- Align targets and incentives to support the one-firm approach.

3. Strengthen One-Firm Confidence and Skills:

- Foster a culture of trust and connectivity.

- Build change-management muscle to coordinate and orchestrate change efforts effectively.

4. Role Model One-Firm Mindsets and Behaviors:

- Communicate with one voice both internally and externally.

- Show leadership resolve by pushing through resistance and challenges.

In practice, making the transition to a one-firm culture is challenging but can yield substantial benefits. Aon's transformation into "Aon United" under Greg Case's leadership serves as an exemplary case study. By emphasizing client-centered teamwork, adopting a common brand, and restructuring their organization, Aon achieved significant improvements in market cap, organic growth, operating margin, and colleague engagement.

Operating as one firm isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and it's crucial to remain adaptable and open to innovation. It's essential to encourage a culture of continuous improvement, staying vigilant to industry disruptions, and ensuring that growth-stage opportunities are not overlooked.

In conclusion, the journey towards operating as one firm is an opportunity to seize, a path to excellence that leaders should embrace. Much has been learned since David Maister's pioneering research into one-firm firms, and the evidence of its value has been substantiated both within and beyond professional services.

As a leader, you hold the key to unlock the full potential of your organization by embracing the one-firm model. We encourage you to ponder the following questions:

1. To what extent are we operating as one firm today?

2. What is the value at stake in moving closer to a one-firm model?

3. What barriers are holding us back from fully capturing this value?

4. Is now the time to confront and overcome these barriers?

In today's world of advanced management science, the answers to these questions need not be mere conjecture. The dream of achieving levels of competitiveness akin to the "Dream Team" is within reach for leaders who possess the determination to make it a reality.

The journey may be challenging, but the rewards of collaboration, unity, and exceptional performance are well worth the effort. By acting upon these insights, you can inspire your organization to reach new heights and operate as one firm, setting a shining example for others to follow.

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