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Life is a journey, not knowing when it is the end; life is a journey, a one-way street, you have no way to return; Life is a journey, full of dark and lonely moments that you have to go through; Life is a journey, with sharp twists and turns, you need a guidance.
On your life’s journey, you need a partner who brings you back when you are lost, who encourages you when you fail, who celebrates when you win, who comforts you when you cry, who cheers you up when you are down, who laughs when you laugh, who gives you hope when you are in despair, and who brings you light when you are in the darkness. Because people are limited in time, space, knowledge, wisdom and strength, no one can be such a partner but only God, All Mighty, who is omnipresent. This book aims to help you to take seven steps to develop close relationship with God so you can find your inner voice, strength, courage, peace, and hope; so you can live a life to the full.

Seven Effective Steps to Draw Closer to God

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